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5 out of 5 stars based on 18 reviews.

Patient Testimonial by Melissa L

This was our second procedure with Dr. Gladwell and we have had the best experience. He is kind, he explained everything thoroughly, he answered all of our questions and I felt confident with my kids in his care. Both my girls had excellent recoveries. Thank you so much Dr. Gladwell!

- Melissa L

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Patient Testimonial by Jeni P

After my first visit to see Dr. Gladwell for a tooth extraction and subsequent implant, I will never go anywhere else if I need oral surgery. From start to finish my procedures have never been unpleasant nor painful. Dr. Gladwell and his staff are very personable and friendly. If you need an oral surgeon, Dr. Gladwell is the best.

- Jeni P

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Patient Testimonial by Carol G

I have had two dental implants, the last one requiring bone grafting. Not pleasant procedures but Dr. Gladwell and his staff are fantastic and make it as smooth and painless as possible. I would never hesitate to recommend them and if I need another procedure in the future I will certainly go back to Dr. Gladwell.

- Carol G

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Patient Testimonial by bob f

Thanks to Dr. Gladwell for working me in, I was able to proceed with my hip replacement as scheduled 5 days later. The extraction was painless and easy for me and the recovery has been very good. I was treated with respect and kindness and would recommend Dr. Gladwell and his staff to anyone needing his services.

- bob f

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Patient Testimonial by Larry H

I have had several implants done by Dr. Adams and his staff and couldn’t be happier with every aspect of care I have received. I would and have recommend them to anyone who wants exceptional care. I can’t thank them enough for taking such good care of my wife and myself.

- Larry H

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Patient Testimonial by Kristy K

I have not ever been treated as well as I was by Dr. Adams and his staff. Dr. Adams explained everything so clearly and he has such compassion which is very rare anymore. When I had to have surgery he was so kind, caring and compassionate and even with my emotions not being the best his compassion was there every step of the way. I already have told a number of people about Dr. Adams and will continue to do so. I am still in awe that he even called me himself the day after my surgery to see how I was doing. I have never had any doctor ever do that. I am so Thankful and Grateful that I found Dr. Adams. Dr. Adams is Truly AMAZING and his kindness , caring and compassion that he sincerely shows truly helps through a rough situation that I myself was in. If you or someone you know needs an oral surgeon call Dr. Adams you will Truly be in the BEST hands ever.

- Kristy K

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Patient Testimonial by Kristine C

Dr. Gladwell has been amazing! My daughter was in an accident where she broke her jaw and palate. Dr. Gladwell added her to his schedule right away and took us through the process of teeth wired in her mouth, bone grafting and implants. He was kind, considerate,and answered all of our many questions and never rushed our appointments or procedures. He helped us through a very difficult and stressful time and we felt that she was getting amazing care over this last year and a half. Thank you to Dr. Gladwell and his kind staff.

- Kristine C

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Patient Testimonial by Dori P

Great job. Very impressed with the staff and physician. I appreciated the follow-up contacts to express care and concern that all went well. This is our second child with wisdom teeth removal and this experience went much smoother and the healing faster, which I attribute to the surgeon's skill and processes. Great experience. Thank you!

- Dori P

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Patient Testimonial by Randy S

I was a little nervous at first. I had a bad experience with a previous dentist and had postponed visiting a dentist for many years. It was determined that I would need to have three teeth extracted. Dr. Gladwell was so kind, understanding of my concerns and helpful in helping me understand what needed to be done to eliminate the pain I was experiencing and help me get back to normal with my dental care. Dr. Gladwell and his staff were so friendly and helpful through the whole procedure. I was so impressed that Dr. Gladwell called me the evening after surgery to see how I was doing and if there was anything he could do to help. I was so impressed! I hope that I don't have to have any other visits, but if I do, I'm very confident that Dr. Gladwell will take excellent care of me. I highly recommend Dr. Gladwell and his staff and services.

- Randy S

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Patient Testimonial by Maggie R

Dr. Gladwell is an exceptional physician. He was attentive, highly skilled and professional in his treatment of my dental emergency. He demonstrated that he genuinely cares for his patients. I appreciate his next day phone call checking on my welfare after the surgery. The procedure went well without issues. I am glad I found him. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

- Maggie R

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Patient Testimonial by Richatrd W

I had a tooth removed that was a post. Root also removed. Price was right and the staff were great. The doctor explained what he was going to do and showed it to me on the screen. He then proceeded without delay. I was well pleased.

- Richatrd W

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Patient Testimonial by David G

I have had 2 procedures dine by Dr. Gladwell. First removal of an incorrectly done implant. The implant done by a general dentist ( not Dr. Evans) was not implanted deep enough (threads exposed), bone not allowed time to heal and crooked. No crown would ever fit. Dr. Gladwell recognized the problem, removed the implant and completed a bone graft using powder and my own DNA (blood) to heal the bone. Worked perfectly and now just waiting to schedule the future implant. Second done just a week ago, removed a tooth from a broken crown (done by the old dentist, not Dr. Evans) because the tooth broke below the gumline. Healing fine. Excellent care

- David G

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Patient Testimonial by Bart T

Wonderful experience

- Bart T

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Patient Testimonial by Roger T

Very pleased with the whole experience.

- Roger T

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Patient Testimonial by Kathie J

Dr. Gladwell and his staff were wonderful with both of our children when they had their wisdom teeth removed. Our daughter was still swollen and having pain about 6 days after surgery and Dr. Gladwell was able to see us the day I called and everyone was very kind and empathetic to our daughter's discomfort. I would return to their office for any oral or facial surgery needed.

- Kathie J

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Patient Testimonial by Rizwan K

I would definitely recommend Dr. Michael Gladwell because he was very supportive and professional and he definitely knew what he was doing. The whole procedure was done in a timely manner and my overall experience was really good. Anybody wanted to get their wisdom teeth out from a very good doctor, he's the one to go to.

- Rizwan K

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Patient Testimonial by Kathie J

My father has Alzheimer's Disease and needed a tooth extracted. Everyone from the front desk to Dr. Gladwell were amazing with my dad. They were patience and kind with him and explained everything to me. I had to call the office later in the afternoon because the area of the tooth extraction would not stop bleeding. Everyone was very helpful and supportive. Dr. Gladwell phoned later that evening to make sure everything was all right with my dad. Two of our children have appointments with Dr. Gladwell to get their wisdom teeth removed. Will definitely return to Dr. Gladwell if have any other needs.

- Kathie J

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Patient Testimonial

Excellent surgeon, wonderful office!!

- Anonymous

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