Post-operative instructions – Dental implants

We have placed titanium metal implants in your jaw for reconstruction of your jaw or tooth replacement.  These dental implants will eventually bond or adhere to the jaw after healing takes place.

Oral Hygiene

Meticulous oral hygiene must be maintained with frequent salt water rinses. Use of 1/4 teaspoon salt in warm water for rinsing is the best way to accomplish this. If Peridex mouth rinse is prescribed, it should be used two times per day. DO NOT USE A WATER PIC.


It is not unusual to have a small amount of oozing and bleeding after the surgical procedure.  Most of this will stop after the first 24 hours; however, if this is a problem, please feel free to contact this office.


It is normal to have swelling after this type of implant surgery. The swelling may increase after the second or third day of the surgical procedure.  Following that, the swelling should decrease.  Swelling can be controlled initially by placing ice to the face for the first 24 hours.  Ice can be placed off and on during the first 24 hours on an hourly basis.  After the first 24 hours, heat should be used to decrease the discomfort and swelling.  


Post-operative discomfort will be controlled by the appropriate analgesics which will be given at the time of surgery.  These analgesics can be used during the first 24 hours period; however, after that, it is usually possible to utilize Advil, Aspirin, or Tylenol on an as needed basis. 


Antibiotics may be given to decrease the chance for infection after the surgical procedure.  These antibiotics should be taken as prescribed following the surgical procedure without fail.  


Heavy chewing should be avoided during the post-operative phase.  For the first five to seven days only liquids or soft foods should be consumed.  Eventually – during the healing phase – chewing can be accomplished.  

Wearing your Prosthesis

If you have had implants placed in the upper or lower jaw to retain dentures, your present denture has been modified and will be placed over the tissue in the jaw on which the surgery has been performed.  This denture should be kept in place initially 24 hours a day for the first two days.  The denture can be removed and cleaneds and this should be done on a regular basis.  

If there are any problems, please feel free to contact our office at any time calling Oral & Facial Reconstructive Surgeons of Utah SLC Office Phone Number 801-262-7447.  These numbers will put you in contact with the Doctor on call. 

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